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- Ieva and Helmuts Bergolds

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Our inspiration comes form our land - from NATURE

We believe that Latvian farmer is hardworking, creative, with character - persistent - and always growing! In honor of these values, we wake up every morning to work, to take care of our farmstead and produce what is good and necessary for both man and nature. We develop, learn and grow to pass on our products and knowledge further and further. At the end of the day, in gratitude, we enjoy and rejoice in everything that has been given, done and yet to come.

Tub full of HONEY

The name "Baļļas" translated in English means "tubs", as big wooden tub for bathing. Why such name was given to the farmstead did not know to say neither owner Ieva's father nor grandmother. It's only known that the land was given to the family by baron Mantefel of Kazdanga.

In 1993 the first beehives was brought to "Baļļas". From so on the admiration and love for these intelligent insects has grown together with the number of hives. 

Starting only with enthusiasm and desire to farm, the trade was developed over 28 years. The number of bee colonies has grown to 300 hives, farm premises have been built, honey shop has been opened, an online store has been created, a range of products has been expanded, wood carpentry has been created and our products can be bought not only in Latvia, but also Europe.

There is nothing better than BEE PRODUCTS

Honey and everything that bees create are unique natural super-products that everyone should include in their diet and daily routine. Thousands of years ago, man discovered that nature pampers and heals it with sweet honey, fragrant wax and propolis, as well as gives energy with bee bread. Later, man learned to measure how healthy these products are, even so far that you can name every vitamin in a drop of honey and the conclusion is unequivocal - there is nothing better than bee products!

Ball honey is collected, processed, packaged and marketed by our hands! With attention, respect for nature and a relentless desire to ensure the highest quality, we offer an average of 8 different monofloral honey varieties, pollen, bee bread, propolis and unique - health-filled honey treats that will not leave indifferent!

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To give back to NATURE

We believe that man, wise and developed, is the same component of nature as the the wise and able bee. Together we create one great nature. Just as we are responsible for what we put in our bodies with food, so we must take responsibility for what we leave behind. It has been scientifically proven that our bodies work best physically in the long run when they absorb substances and vitamins that come from plants. Even mentally, it is not taking, but giving, that makes a person happy. Growing and caring for bees is a wonderful way to give nature back, because caring for one beehive will envelop the flowers and plants within a radius of 3 km.

We are really proud that we can go to the apiary ourselves, as well as share knowledge and inventory with like-minded people!

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